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What We Do


Have Solar But Not Sure About Batteries?
Our Droplet™ adapter can connect to a range of solar and battery brands. This means we can collect your data, analyse it, and you can use this to inform your battery decisions.
We can then connect to your battery to ensure you get a consistent picture to compare predicted with actual performance.


Not sure you’re getting best value from your solar or battery?
Your solar and battery are usually selected based on average weather and your average energy use. However, life is not average.
Our system alerts you to changes and we will soon enable fully automatic and personalised tuning day-to-day. This means you get the best performance possible.

And Beyond

Ever wondered why you get so little for your exported solar power or how you might get better value?
So have we … so we’re looking to build a platform to enable new business for your excess solar and battery power.
Join our journey and be SwitchDin ready!

How it Works


Step 1 - You contact us directly or you ask your installer to add our Droplet™ adapter to your system. This means you can plug into our cloud infrastructure and get the benefit of full monitoring of grid, solar and battery. This is more than most solar systems offer. You also get access to the pipeline of value adding services SwitchDin is bringing.


Step 2 - We monitor your energy and give you the full story of past, present and projected performance. Our advanced analytics use available forecasts of weather, market and demand to pre-empt opportunities for you to improve performance. If you don’t yet have batteries our algorithms will help you determine your best option.


Step 3 - (Coming Soon!) You can enable personalised automatic control of your systems which continuously adjusts your battery so as to ensure your system works at peak performance regardless of changes in weather or your behaviour.


Step 4 - Regardless of whether you’re a single household, an electricity retailer with many sites, or a large solar project, you get personalised operation so as to get maximal return on your investment ... and the data to prove it.


Things meet Grid

We bring utility-grade systems together with large scale IoT connectedness so that everything connects and is robust, precise and secure.


We optimise your energy systems according to your criteria such as cost, reliability, system emissions, or availability. Our advanced predictive control ensures optimal performance in a changing environment.

Real-time Algorithms

Advanced control algorithms provide pre-emptive feedback or adjust your system in real-time to minimise the impact of changes in operating conditions.

Cloud Architecture

We do all this in the cloud with our scalable and distributed server clusters, allowing real-time processing of streaming data at massive scale. And we make it all visible to you.

About Us

The SwitchDin Journey

SwitchDin grew out of the experience of founder Dr Andrew Mears. He realised from his work developing renewable energy in Australia, UK, US and emerging economies, that reliable clean decentralised energy services are required to transform the way we live.

Real-time data is key to coordinate many small systems, yet current solar and batteries products do not easily share data. Until such times as standards and practices are aligned, the industry needs a trusted third party to improve connectivity and enable a more open and flexible data approach. This can then enable advanced coordination and facilitate new types of energy service business models.

The prototype of the SwitchDin platform became a reality in early 2015, leading to SwitchDin securing it's first round of investment in November 2015.

SwitchDin now has a committed team working to drive scaling-up of rooftop solar energy and battery storage through connectivity and greater consumer participation.

SwitchDin is planning world domination from beautiful Newcastle, NSW Australia which we think is about the best place in the world to be. We’re looking for like-minded partners and team members who are interested in transforming the way we think about energy services.

Contact Us

Join our Early Adopter Offer

We’d like to invite customers in Australia in NSW (and especially those in the Hunter Region) to join our Battery Early Adopter offer. If you have solar and have been receiving the generous Feed-in Tariff subsidies then you are probably wondering what to do when the Tariff ends later this year. You probably know that Batteries can help you reclaim the lost value of your solar.

However selecting the best option requires data on your solar and consumption that you may not have. Some suppliers will also try to sell you a whole new solar even though your existing solar is just fine. We’ll help you get the data you need to enable you to get the best deal from your preferred solar battery supplier using your existing solar. We’ll then integrate the data from your new battery and help you verify that the system delivers benefit.

You’ll also be SwitchDin ready for our other value adding services!

If you would like to visit us in the real world:


c/o CSIRO Energy Center

10 Murray Dwyer Circuit

Mayfield West, NSW 2304, Australia

info@switchdin.com for business enquiries

support@switchdin.com for technical support

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